Trends In The Mobile Video Ecosystem

20 Nov 2014

Video content distribution across multiple screens and multiple platforms is a determining factor for companies and organizations that have already understood where the mobile video ecosystem’s future lies. The ability to stream in a video ecosystem that is multi-format, multi-platform, and multi-screen is so important in the present moment, as it is for future streaming media management solutions, that staying ahead of the game in such a competitive environment is on everyone’s mind.

How broadcasters deliver and distribute video content now will greatly impact future trends in video consumption and an even greater influence for the evolving industry and future players.

Partnerships as business models to a flexible digital lifestyle

In 2012, one of the most-watched sports channels in Europe took a step forward from traditional TV and traditional fixed-schedule TV programs to deliver new device experiences to fans worldwide. Eurosport is a lead sports network that broadcasts in 59 countries, reaching the number of 129 million homes every year.

The network launched the new online streaming service on May 29, 2012, exclusively for Panasonic connected devices. The Smart VIERA TV app, which constituted itself as a subscription service, enabled subscribers to access and watch live events from Eurosport on various devices, from PC and smart TV to mobile and tablet. This action course rapidly propelled the network among the many other successful multiple-screen service providers already on the market.

The Eurosport player application delivered much more interaction, viewers being able to comment and share impressions while watching live-action, and providing an array of personalized features. Consumption of video content that does not depend on a linear program grid is one of the many trends in the video industry now, a trend that is going to push content providers and distributors into strategic partnerships that should be able to respond to a flexible digital lifestyle, which is what consumers are after.

Video as the core market strategy

Content providers, broadcasters, developers, and marketers everywhere will have to work more interrelated in the following months to deliver experiences that people can interact with at any given moment by whichever device is more at hand in that precise moment. Viewers may watch something on the screen of their smartphone while out shopping and may wish to share that content later on with their partner on their Smart TV screen.

Responding to this behavior trend in video consumption will tell the difference between prospering and not prospering. Providing access to quality video content on every possible screen without undermining each device’s distinct features is what service providers are looking for now and will probably be focusing even more on shortly. Video is a core market strategy that has proved a big hit for providers such as Netflix.

Video ecosystem streaming has complimented the network with more than 50 million subscribers in 40 countries, current statistics. It had a 22% growth in millions from 2007 to 2010 alone. Alternatively, the internet network continues to increase its investment in technology development, 400 million dollars allocated this year alone, and $3B in content investment.

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