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Delight audiences with uninterrupted streaming experiences while boosting publisher revenues up to 25%.

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Why switch to SSAI?

Seamless playback
Offer your customers a lightning-fast, smooth and broadcast-like experience with 0 buffering times, freezes or lost connections.
Extra revenue boost
Server Side Ad-Insertion circumvents traditional ad-blockers that eat into your revenue & enables your organization to maximize ad income.
Risk free deployment
Veeplay’s platform works as middleware between your CDN & existing ad-serving platform – no major changes needed to your current setup.
SSAI Pricing Calculator
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Scenario 1
Ad-Blocked Video
Revenue Lost
Buffering Time
0 sec.

Ad blockers can shave up to 40% from your video advertising revenue - get ready for annoyed viewers and useless buffering times.

Scenario 2
Client Ad Insertion
Revenue Lost
Buffering Time
0 sec.

Traditional, client-side ad insertion results in fragmented viewing experiences and longer buffering times for end users.

Scenario 3
Veeplay SSAI
Revenue Lost
Buffering Time
0 sec.

Veeplay's server side ad-insertion delivers the best experience and gets you up to 40% more revenue for the same audience and inventory.

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