Video on Demand and Dynamic Ad Insertion: A New Way to Get Your Message Across

02 Jun 2018

As technology changes, so do the habits of consumers and this is why many viewers are looking to go forward and adopt new technologies as well. Today, live TV is completely switching to time-shifting viewing. Video on demand has allowed people to watch their favorite movies, TV series, and shows all on a single platform, without having to include any additional software. Video on demand has become a very popular technology for TV viewers.

There are more and more people switching to this technology as it gives them many conveniences. A general rule is that where consumers go, the advertisers will follow and this is the same with VOD, as marketers are looking to utilize new technology called dynamic ad insertion to market products. Unlike linear TV, video on demand users spend around 30 minutes per day watching commercials and this means that there are a lot of opportunities for advertisers to make use of this technology. In other words, companies are looking to advertise themselves using dynamic ad insertion as it makes TV marketing possible once again.

Why dynamic ad insertion?

Dynamic ad insertion is a broadcast solution and not just a pre-roll method for showing ads. In order to be implemented properly, it requires a competent and committed broadcaster. When it is deployed, the broadcaster will have access to a wide advertising inventory, which allows great targeting options, unlike any other TV marketing method. People who are looking to advertise this way can expect high view-through rates, which is the ultimate metric of this kind of advertising. A fully integrated dynamic insertion platform allows full steam management capabilities. This means that it is possible to insert user-friendly dynamic ads into VOD content that won’t bother viewers but will still make them view those ads. This is one of the most important things in advertising. It is essential that the viewers are not bothered by the advertising content and that they will, in fact, see it. On top of that, dynamic ad insertion allows personalized and targeted ads tailored to a specific individual, which is essential and we will explain this as well.

Utilizing transparent reports

One of the key things about modern video servers used for ads is the fact that they allow transparent reporting. This means that businesses can utilize valuable user insights that will help them make better decisions when managing and creating ad campaigns. Media providers need tools that allow them to analyze ad performance on the inventory that they have, in order to ensure a great experience for their users and optimize their yield. Simultaneously, advertisers also need accurate reporting for every single impression that they buy, so that they are able to better understand the amount of value that they are getting while adjusting their strategy to maximize their efforts. Still, although this information is already available, it won’t do much good unless advertisers are equipped with the tools they need to implement the right strategies. Until now, this wasn’t possible, but with the introduction of dynamic ad insertion technologies, this has become a reality.

DAI for reaching specific audiences

The dynamic ad insertion technology allows promoting ads both in video on demand, live video, or linear content. However, instead of simply delivering the exact same ad to all viewers, this technology allows advertisers to utilize the previously mentioned reports and insights to reach the right audiences by targeting individuals the right way. This is a great improvement compared to some other advertising methods, as better targeting naturally delivers ads that are more relevant to users, and this is how the chances of a viewer getting engaged with the material increases.

Simply put, it allows advertisers to optimize their ads in real-time for the best possible results. This means that businesses looking to advertise on online TV finally have the ability to create specific ads that will target the right audiences. Not only this, but they also have more flexibility and the option to adjust their ad campaigns while on the go. During a campaign, they can also analyze results and determine changes that they can make instantly to get better results.

New advertising opportunities

Dynamic ad insertion can be done for live streams and open up many new advertising options that were not possible in the past. This means that companies are able to promote their products and services in a brand new, effective way, allowing them to approach TV viewers online like never before. Apart from the fact that different types of TV broadcasts can now be used for dynamic ad insertion and that this type of advertising allows a high level of personalization, one of the biggest strengths of DAI is the fact that the majority of the ads cannot be skipped by the person watching TV.

Still, this can vary depending on the network. Dynamic ad insertion provides a whole new level of capabilities to video ad servers used today. Through this technology, both media owners and advertisers can benefit a lot. This means that networks will want to find advertisers who will provide quality ads that are relevant, meaning that it’s in both sides’ interest that the whole thing goes well.

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