Pick Video Advertising Formats To Set Up Mobile Video Advertising Game

18 Jun 2015

It can sometimes get to be very confusing for advertisers and agencies to implement mobile video advertising in this digital advertising landscape that is rapidly picking up pace. However, it’s really all very much about understanding the mobile video market, and making an effort to understand how mobile video works.

To help you get into your advertising-with-mobile-video game, we’ve come up with this list of mobile video advertising formats for you to choose from next time you decide to pursue a mobile advertising campaign.

First things first: power up those videos

Video advertising on mobile will grow 3 times faster than desktop through 2020. Not surprisingly though, since mobile consumption and video consumption on smartphones and tablets have taken off quite steadily these past few years. Big names in the business domain who know this are adopting video advertising on mobile to keep customers motivated and interested.

Watch Reebok’s FreakShow Be More Human Commercial to see how a video endeavor doesn’t always have the word “ad” imprinted on its forehead. You’ll probably start to love Reebok a little bit more after watching the ad, that’s how good it is, period.

Expand your take on mobile video advertising with banner ad units

Time on mobile devices is mostly spent in applications, and apps command 86% of the average US mobile consumer’s time, which makes banner ad units a go-to option. Banner ad units can be interactive or expandable.

Interactive banners require user action to activate the ad, such as when a user is encouraged to click on it when engaged in playing a game.

Expandable banners are rich media ads that come with an expansion feature, which means they expand in size when users rollover or click on the mobile ad unit.

Photo source: AccuWeather (Expandable ad: 300x50 to 300x300)

Flashier, more graphic ads with interstitial advertising

Interstitials (meaning in between) are banner ads taken to a completely new level. Unlike conventional banner ad units, interstitial advertising is more eye-catching due to graphics and most likely to be clicked. There are prestitial ads, which display to a site before the homepage, and interstitials, which display between two content pages. Both are large, taking up the entire screen and run once per day for every unique visitor.

Native advertising

Hot topics for many advertisers, native ads are considered to have the minimum level of intrusiveness in mobile video advertising. Native advertising runs within content streams, and these ad units display relevantly to the content and in the flow of the content so that they match the appearance of the app where they run.

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