The Most Successful Mobile Video Advertising Campaign

25 Jun 2015

Mobile video advertising is dynamic and catching especially when you create a story behind what it is that you are advertising. And because mobile video ads are so dynamic, they can turn into the most successful mobile video advertising campaign attempt ever.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to drive traffic to a website or promote products, or raise awareness, mobile video ads work equally efficiently. With 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions in the world today and 6.1 billion users worldwide to own smartphones by 2020, mobile video ads have become one of the most popular advertising mediums among companies and marketers. This has also brought about a new challenge: that of pushing creativity forward and delivering outstanding and intriguing mobile video content to audiences.

In this article, we have broken down three of (what we believe to be) the most successful mobile video advertising campaign so far. These campaigns were released on either television or the web but they fall into the mobile category because they delivered hands-on mobile viewing experiences.

The most viewed video advertising campaign in 2014 ‘First Kiss’ is a social video short-film clip, depicted in black and white, of 20 strangers kissing for the first time. It certainly doesn’t come out as advertising, which could very well be the reason it generated over 150 million views, 1.392.296 shares on Facebook, and 68.740 Twitter shares in just a month. It was eventually revealed as an ad for Wren, the LA fashion company, albeit it took a while before they revealed the video as advertising. But nonetheless, the video was still the most-watched mobile video advertising campaign in 2014. The brand confirmed an increase in website traffic of 14.000% and in sales, of 13.000%.

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial ‘Puppy love’ is another video advertising content that doesn’t reveal much about the brand itself, focusing instead on telling a story and inviting viewers to discover more about the brand. Sometimes you don’t even have to like the brand to love its commercial. Budweiser really nailed it here with this adorable spot about a puppy and horse being #bestbuds. This is a video ad for mobile too that triggers emotional responses and makes people want to share it with friends and family. The ad reached 59.074.980 million people all over the world and was among the top 10 most viewed advertising campaigns of 2014.

Monty’s Christmas Penguin - The well-done video advertising campaign from John Lewis, incorporating a video commercial to go along with a dedicated mobile app, was released in the build-up to the Christmas season, in November 2014. UK retailer John Lewis is known for its emotional rollercoaster ads and this particular one turned out to be just that. Since its days of financial struggling, John Lewis has seen a boost in sales year over year thanks to effective advertising and is now an award-winning brand.

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