State of the Video Content Consumption

10 Jul 2015

There’s something about (no, not Marry; well, sort of) watching a good movie that just makes everyone feel like they’re part of something bigger. Much like reading a book, watching a movie in the comfort of one’s home can be a gratifying experience. Throw in a bottle of your favorite beverage, some chips, or popcorn and you’re into something good. No wonder featured films make it to the top of the list in terms of Video content consumption.

Video content consumption in America

According to a survey on Statista, featured films were the most-watched VoD content in the U.S. in Q2, 2013, followed by general drama programs, general documentary programs, participation variety programs, comedy-variety programs, general variety programs, official police programs, science fiction programs, and situation comedy programs, in this order. In another study on Statista, 81% of the respondents said they watched movies on VoD and 65% said they watched TV shows.

Video content consumption in Australia

According to the report Online and on-demand, the movie category also leads the way in regards to most-watched VoD content in Australia.

  • 20% of Australians watch Australian movies on VoD, 33% watch Hollywood movies (33%), and 21% watch independent movies.
  • 40% of viewers watch Australian TV series on VoD and 42% watch foreign TV series.
  • 13% of viewers watch Australian documentaries on VoD and 18% watch foreign documentaries.
  • 9% of Australians (presumably children) watch Australian TV programs for children on VoD and 11% watch foreign TV programs for children. The most-watched movie genres on VoD in Australia are comedy (preferred by 27% of VoD viewers) drama (by 24%), thriller/mystery/crime (by 24%), and action/adventure (24%). 22% of VoD viewers prefer Sci-fi movies, 20% family movies, 19% romantic comedy movies, 15% horror movies, 12% musical movies, and 9% Westerns. Television series are more popular on VoD in Australia than on DVD/Blu-ray. The most viewed TV series genres are foreign drama (by 35% of Australians) and comedy (by 34%). Among documentaries, preferred genres are science, natural history, and the environment.

Video content consumption in Europe

Drawing on the number of established video-on-demand services in Europe, we can get an idea of the top most-watched content on VoD. Not surprisingly, VoD film services made up 41% of the total of VoD services (in December 2014) in Europe, followed by TV fiction (13%) and VoD generalist (11%), according to the report by the European Audiovisual Observatory 2015.

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