Nine Top Tips For Live Streaming Your In-Person Event

04 Oct 2021

The idea of live streaming may seem daunting and time-intensive, since many factors go into successful video live streams. Here are some practices for live streams of in-person events you could use as a starting point.

What is live streaming, and why do it

A live stream, or livestream, is a video broadcast of an event as it occurs. A live stream can be watched by anyone simultaneously, and the feed is typically broadcasted on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

There are many reasons for holding a live stream: to publicize and engage with potential or existing customers; to share events that cannot be attended in person; to provide post-event wrap-ups for audiences unable to attend.

How to prepare for a live stream

The first step in preparing for a live stream is to decide what you want your audience to do during the event. Are you looking to raise awareness about your cause? Are you trying to engage with your audience? The more you know about your audience and what you hope to achieve, the easier it will be to plan your live stream.

Next, determine how and when you want your live stream to occur. Generally, live streams are more engaging when broadcast during the event rather than before or after. If you choose to launch a pre-event video on social media that directs viewers into the live stream, make sure to mention it during the live stream and tell them to share it with their friends.

If your event is on a specific date, you can use social media scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts leading up to the day of the event. However, if you want live video of something that cannot be planned, use a setup that can be used with little preparation.

Tips for successful live streams

With some planning and thoughtful consideration, you will quickly achieve success in your endeavors to live stream an event.

1) Prepare an outline of what you want to say during the broadcast. Create talking points that are simple enough for viewers not to get overwhelmed about what is happening in the video.

2) Broadcast during the event if possible, as it tends to be more engaging. If you must broadcast before or after, make sure the stream is published at a time that will attract the most viewers.

3) Have a one-pointed message of what your event is about and what your cause is. Ensure to emphasize this throughout the live stream and give viewers a way to take action (donate, share, subscribe).

4) Use engaging and straightforward language.

5) Make it about your audience. Address them by name if they are at your event or by saying things like “watching around the world” or “with those who can’t be here.”

6) Use appropriate hashtags to bring more attention to the live stream.

7) If you are showing something challenging to explain, create a short video or image that provides context for viewers.

8) Do not let the camera stay on one person for too long without getting others involved. Generally, a good time to do this is at the beginning and end of your video.

9) Supply a way for viewers to get additional information after the live stream is over. For example, on a Facebook or YouTube live stream, you can leave a link to another page with more information or even an easy place for people to make donations.


Live streaming in-person events is the best way to share your event with the world. The idea of a live stream may seem daunting and time-intensive, but it’s not as complicated as you think!

Whether you’re looking for ways to stream an upcoming event or want tips on how to be successful at live-streaming in general, this article has plenty of suggestions. From choosing what content should go into your video (what message do you want viewers to leave with?) and determining when would be best for broadcasting (in-person vs. before/after), we’ve got all sorts of helpful information that will help make sure your next live stream goes smoothly.

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